IPL 8 2015 Live Score

IPL 8 2015 Live Score:- This article is all about ipl 2014 live score. I am very happy to share my knowledge with you. IPL is a tournament played between 8 teams with eleven players in each team. In ipl use 22 yard rectangular pitch. Each team turns to bat and then second bowl but who bat first is choose by toss. Teams attempting to more runs when the other team is bowl another team. Each turn of teams is known as one inning. The bowler delivers the bowl and the batsman bat this ball with his special shot. Batsman hit the ball away from fielders so he can run on pitch which is considered as one run. On the ground two batsmen are present and one bowler and ten fielders are present. In professional cricket length of bowling is 50 overs but in IPL 2014 live score this is 20 overs of six balls in one over.

IPL 2014 Live Score

IPL 2014 Live Score

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Laws of Ipl 2015 live score

The law of ipl 2014 live score is maintained by Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and International Cricket Council (ICC). Each batsman continues his batting until he is out. If all batsmen are out in 20 overs then it is called all out. When bowler balls one over and in this over no run can get by batsman then this over is called medan over. Ipl was first played in 2008. The ipl 2014 live score is most popular in India, Australia, West Indies, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. A ipl 2014 live score match is divided into two parts called innings. In ipl tournament out of 8 teams 4 teams are qualify for qualifier round then 2 teams are qualify for final match. The 4 teams with heist ranking in point table eligible for Championship T20 tournament.

Ipl 2015 Auction Information in Details

The selection for ipl 2015 teams players list is by a process called player auction. This players auction arranged by board of cricket in India. In this auction every team give of money to specific player to buy this player. One team has team owner and its own squad for all tournaments. Some teams can buy the players for many years. They contract with each other. In one team 20-24 players can be buying. The team owner has limited money in all auction process.

Ipl 2015 Wiki of Bowling

The bowler usually retreats many yards behind the wicket, runs toward it and throws the ball towards batsman which is standing on opposite wicket of bowler. The bowling is three types first faster, second spinner and third medium faster. In fast bowling player retreats many yards but spin bowler can’t take long yard retreats. Fast bowler throws Yorker to batsman. If the batsman misses the ball, but any part of his body prevents it from reaching the wicket, then he is out leg before wicket, or “LBW”. Every bowler can bowl in limited area after this area bowl is wide ball.

If the batsman is successful in striking the ball and it is not caught without bouncing, then the two batsmen may try to score points (runs) for their team. Both batsmen run the length of the pitch, exchanging positions, and grounding their bats behind the opposite crease. Each crossing and grounding by both batsmen is worth one run. The batsmen may attempt one run, multiple runs, or elect not to run at all. By attempting runs, the batsmen risk dismissal. This happens if the fielding team retrieves the ball and hits either wicket with the ball (either by throwing it, or while holding it) before the batsman who owns that wicket reaches his ground behind the crease. The dismissed batsman is run out. Batsmen will sometimes start to run, change their mind, and return to their original positions.

Ipl 2015 point table, players list wiki

A dismissed batsman leaves the field, to be replaced by another batsman from the batting team. However, even though the wicket may have been put down, or the ball caught, the batsman is not actually dismissed until the fielding team appeal to the umpires for a decision, traditionally using the expression “How’s that” (or “Howzat”). In some matches, particularly test matches, either team may request a review by a third umpire who can use a Decision Review System (DRS), which includes TV replays and other electronic equipment such as hawk eyehotspot and the snick meter. After a bowler has bowled six times (an over), another member of the fielding team is designated as the new bowler, the old bowler taking up a fielding position. The batsmen stay in place, and the new bowler bowls to the opposite wicket, so the role of striker and non-striker reverse. The wicket keeper and the two umpires always change positions, as do many of the fielders and play continues. Fielding team members may bowl multiple times during an innings, but may not bowl two overs in succession.The innings is complete when 10 of the 11 members of the batting team have been dismissed (all out — although one always remaining “not out”), when a set number of overs has been played, or when the batting team declares that they have enough runs.


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